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Meet Casper

I'm TOP DOG, and I never knew what an inspiration I would be! Luckily, I only had a short stay, but I love that my story can help other dogs in shelters too! And that my friends is PAW-SOME!


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Labrador Extraordinaire

The Dog who launched a Mission

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No bones about it! Shelter dogs really need help out there! So get your pack and gear up! Check out our gear on the next page!

Welcome, Lab lovers, fellow doggies and pet lovers alike.  I’m Casper, A Silver lab who loves to LOVE! You see, one day I went on an adventure (without my Human Mom) luckily a Volunteer from the local Shelter found me and brought me to safe harbor at the Shelter before anything bad happened to me...WHEW!

Mom was just about out of her mind when she came in to pick me up, she was so grateful, she launched "Down Dog for Pound Dogs",  Yoga Classes which helped the Animal Shelter that saved me! Now we want to help a LOT of dogs, and we've got a plan and our Yoga Lovin' Dog Loving' friends love helping too!